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About ‘CGHS Guru’

We respect and recognize the health services provided by Govt. of India under CGHS scheme. ‘CGHS Guru’ is our social initiative to help CGHS beneficiaries in getting accurate and authentic information through web portal and mobile app.

We assist CGHS family by providing easy to use search tools for CGHS Dispensaries, Empanelled Hospitals, Empanelled Labs and Rate of Test and Procedure etc.

We empower CGHS family by providing a platform where they can submit their petitions for improvisation of CGHS services; be it related to dispensaries, empanelled hospitals or diagnostic labs. Once the petition is supported by other beneficiaries also, we take the matter to appropriate authority to redress it.

cghs facts to know

  • Grant of 90% medical advance for all treatments (IPD and OPD) under CGHS and CS(MA) Rules, 1944 if expenditure for OPD treatment including tests/investigations is more than Rs.10,000/-.

  • In case the beneficiary is also covered under Insurance and the claim has been settled by the Insurance Agency, the liability of CGHS will be reimbursement to the extent of balance of total claim after payment by insurance company subject to the maximum amount of CGHS rate.

  • In emergency CGHS beneficiary may be admitted to any Govt/private hospital, but the reimbursement will be as per CGHS rates. However full reimbursement may be allowed in specific cases on the recommendations of Technical Standing Committee

  • CGHS empanelled hospitals cannot refuse admission in emergency to CGHS beneficiary and have to provide treatment on credit to pensioner beneficiaries and other entitled categories(even if the beneficiary is from outside CGHS city/other CGHS city)

  • In emergency the beneficiary may get treated in any hospital and submit the medical claim to the Addl. Director of the city where his CGHS card is registered.

  • ellness Centers are open from 7:30 AM to 2 PM on all working days (except emergency services wherever applicable) with effect from 1/4/2015. The Wellness Centers remain closed on all Central Govt. holidays. However in case of 3 consecutive holidays occurring together, Wellness Centers will not be closed for more than 2 consecutive days. The registration is stopped 15 minutes before scheduled closing time of dispensary. However, no serious patient is returned back unattended in the dispensary.

  • Cashless facility available for treatment in empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centers for Pensioners and other identified beneficiaries.

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